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Megan Greene | Expert Global Economist

  • Washington, District of Columbia, United States
  • Fees: 20,000 - 35,000
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Megan Greene is Global Chief Economist for the Kroll Institute, where she advises on the potential impact of global macroeconomic developments and policy on the firm’s business services and those of its clients.

She serves as a Senior Fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University and also teaches at Schwarzman College (Tsinghua University) and the European University Institute. 

She is also an Associate Fellow at Chatham House. She serves on the Academic Advisory Committee at the San Francisco Federal Reserve and the International Advisory Council of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. She writes a regular column on global macroeconomics for The Financial Times. 

Megan Greene | Expert Global Economist

Megan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy from Princeton University and a Master of Science in International Relations from the University of Oxford (Nuffield College).

Previously, she was a Senior Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard Kennedy School and Global Chief Economist at John Hancock/Manulife Asset Management.

Renowned for her accurate, early economic predictions, global economist Megan Greene examines the intersection of macroeconomics, financial markets and politics—providing illuminating insights and forecasts for your industry, business and the future of the global geoeconomic and geopolitical landscape

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Keynote Topics

The economic data these days offers something for everyone; you can paint whatever picture you want for the global economy depending on which data you give the most weight to.


Off the back of a pandemic, lockdowns, stimulus measures, supply chain snafus, a war in Europe and persistently high inflation, many things in economics aren’t working as the textbooks suggest they should.


Megan Greene will provide the data for where we are in the global economy and explain where we are going from here for the next year and also structurally in the longer-term.

Geopolitics haven’t really moved markets since the Global Financial Crisis—until Russia invaded Ukraine. Now geopolitical risk is impacting markets, inflation and growth across the globe.


Megan Greene will go through the top ten geopolitical risks we are facing globally and will discuss their likelihood and also the impact they will have on the global economy, your sector and your business.

When economists find consensus on when a recession will hit, it usually doesn’t fall then. They say the key to success in economic forecasting is to forecast often.


Megan Greene is unafraid to have out of consensus views and has a fantastic forecasting track record.


She examines high frequency economic data, structural trends, global flows, political factors and policy developments to determine the state of the global recovery and to highlight risks and opportunities for businesses and markets.


  • Revamping Economics to Address Inequality

Wealth and income inequality is one of the greatest economic, social and political challenges of our time. Increasing gaps between the haves and have-nots have eroded the social contract in a number of developed countries and caused many to question whether capitalism is really working for them.


New disruptors such as technology and new market participants have changed the drivers of wealth, wages and growth, but economists are still clinging on to old frameworks to understand these factors. The territory and the map are far apart—it’s no wonder economists have been getting lost. Megan Greene explains why the maps are outdated and updates them to provide some ideas on how policymakers and businesses can address inequality.


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