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Mary Kelly | #1 Economic Leadership Expert

  • Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Fees: 10,000 - 20,000
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Mary Kelly is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and spent over 20 years on active duty in intelligence and logistics. She retired from the Navy as a commander. She has master’s degrees in history and economics, and a PhD in economics.

Mary Kelly has EXPERIENCE, and it’s this experience that helps your executives and your audiences change the way they view crises, challenges, and changes. Mary turns obstacles into opportunities.

Mary was a professor for over 30 years, and she loves helping others navigate the economy, build their businesses, become even better leaders, and accomplish more in less time.

Combining inspirational military and corporate stories, unforgettable energy, and a little comedy, Mary delivers customized and memorable programs every time!

Mary specializes in leadership growth that helps organizations improve their profitability and productivity, especially in finance, insurance, real estate, and manufacturing.

Mary Kelly | Economic Leadership Expert

One of the first female graduates of the Naval Academy, Mary served 25 years on active duty, mostly in Asia, leading multicultural teams in nine countries.

Her remarkable career of service included working as an intelligence officer, a chief of police, an HR director, and a chief of staff, as well as training more than 40,000 military personnel.

Mary Kelly has been a leadership and economics professor at the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and Hawaii Pacific University.

She has written 13 business books, including her best-seller, Master Your World (named a “must read” by MENSA and MOAA), and her latest award-winner, Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success (profiled in Forbes and Success magazines).

Today, Mary is a popular conference keynote speaker and leadership adviser working with businesses, associations, and government agencies. She offers programs that are content rich, highly entertaining, and strategically designed to help her clients get results.

A high-energy keynote speaker, Mary is focused on using research, laughter, and experience to show professionals how to excel. Mary’s relatable, no-nonsense approach inspires audiences to embrace their roles, surpass their goals, and plan for the future. 

Mary Kelly speaks to 100+ organizations a year and has worked with organizations such as AMC Institute, National Association of REALTORS, HealthOne, U.S. Air Force, LPL Financial and many more.

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Keynote Topics

The 6 Stages of Any Crisis, Challenge, or Change, the 5 Steps to P.I.V.O.T. for Success, and 7 Leadership Reminders To Lead Through It

Do your people understand the six stages of a crisis?

Do your leaders recognize the stage their people are in and do they react appropriately?

Are your leaders leading, or just hoping for the right outcomes?


Understand the six stages of any crisis, challenge, or change.
Implement the five ways to P.I.V.O.T. through the crisis.
Use the seven leadership reminders to lead out of a crisis.

In order to successfully lead people through and out of a crisis, first, we have to understand the 6 stages of the crisis. Based on her Navy experiences during the first and second Gulf Wars and 9-11, Commander Mary Kelly articulates the reactions of people in various stages of crisis, challenge, or change.


As effective leaders, we have to be able to help our people P.I.V.O.T. through the crisis, by renewing their sense of purpose, influencing and inspiring others to take the right action, assessing the volatility levels, seeing the opportunities, and providing the right tools, techniques, and technology that allow people to succeed. Then we can apply Mary’s seven leadership reminders, using the acronym C.L.A.M.P.E.R. so that we are providing the right response to the right people at the right time to achieve the right outcomes.

Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy

75 million baby boomers are reaching retirement age in the next several years. Whether you are one of them or one of the many leaders who will be navigating the changes, it is imperative that you have a plan.


Join economist and leadership expert, Dr. Mary Kelly, as she explains how the right succession plan will attract top talent, develop leadership skills, and guarantee success for the next decade and beyond. Get out of panic mode and into a culture of continuous leadership development.


Understand what a comprehensive succession plan is, and why it’s a must-have for your business
Gain the knowledge needed to compete in today’s marketplace
Challenge your beliefs of what true leadership means
Learn to share your experience to create a legacy
Prepare a customized succession plan ready for immediate implementation

Many good people, when they rise to leadership positions, fail. Good leadership seems easy in theory but actually living, executing, and fostering strong, effective leadership in corporations and organizations is tough.


How can we ensure success? What do successful leaders do differently?

What are the surprisingly common mistakes that many leaders unknowingly make that derail their success?


Using current data and case studies collected through years of corporate and military leadership, you’ll learn why so many leaders fail, and how to avoid the hidden pitfalls.


Leadership is most critical during times of crisis. Leadership happens when things are tough and there are problems to solve. Why Leaders Fail shows audiences how to be even better leaders.


Learning objectives:


Gain insights into behaviors that may be sabotaging the loyalty of direct reports
Understand why their top talent may not be performing up to their potential
Align team goals with organizational mission using Mary’s tools to maximize profitability
Develop awareness of how leaders are perceived by their direct reports, peers, and supervisors
Includes a personalized leadership assessment to help identify leadership strengths and weaknesses


The Economic Snapshot You Need to See Today

Changes in interest rates, imports, investments, housing trends, trade, and tariffs…do today’s news headlines have your stomach in knots?

What do the changes in the current economy mean for your business?

What do they mean for your own career?

Heck, what do they mean for your family?


Join Dr. Mary Kelly, one of the world’s most valued economists, as she exposes the true meaning of the current economic structure and what that means for your organization’s future.


Learn to operate and make decisions from facts and data, not emotions
Understand what the changes in international trade mean for your industry
Gain a valuable understanding of today’s economy to improve profits and safeguard your businesses’ bottom line
Prepare your team for what is to come in 2025 and beyond


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