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Leo Pusateri | Expert Value Man

  • New York City, New York, United States
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Passionate, inspirational, and motivating are words many would use to describe Leo Pusateri. Affectionately known as the “value man” in the financial services industry.

He is also recognized as the industry’s premier thought partner of value-based training, not only by senior leaders in the C-suites, but among top advisors as well.

When it comes to knowing, pricing, selling, and “living” your value, Leo’s time-honored and proprietary programs are in place around the world.

This is a testament to his knowledge capital that he enthusiastically shares with clients. He has traveled globally to places such as Singapore, Spain, Vancouver, Zurich and London. His travels find him working with senior leadership teams to financial entrepreneurs who represent broker-dealers, RIAs, investment management firms, private banks, family offices, insurance companies and others.

Leo Pusateri | Expert Value Man

Through Leo’s robust training programs, firms have endorsed Leo’s skill set as the absolute best-in-class in bringing value-based training to the table.

Due to increased growth, popularity, and utilization of his work throughout North America, Pusateri opened an office in Toronto and launched Pusateri Canada to extend the intellectual properties and consulting capabilities of his firm.

Additionally in 2008, Pusateri formalized a strategic partnership with PriceMetrix of Toronto, which focuses exclusively on helping financial advisors become better “CEOs” of their business.

Leo Pusateri practices what he preaches and is an authentic role model for consultative, respectful dialogue. He truly lives his values — with undeniable passion — and teaches others what he has learned over his professional lifetime.

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Keynote Topics

Our most widely delivered keynote, this focuses on the challenges to distinguish your organization based on the value you provide. Here we walk audiences through our acclaimed Value Ladder process; the critical questions of distinction that lead to developing your compelling story of value.

Have your divisional and branch managers created reputational value in their marketplaces? Is their office considered the “Branch of Destination”? Do the top financial entrepreneurs want to work at the branch? Has your branch manager re-recruited talent to stay and build their practice? In this keynote, we challenge branch managers to develop a Branch of Destination mindset and the value message to support it.

Clients are willing to pay for value only when they fully understand your value. We challenge Financial Entrepreneurs to examine their value at levels they may not have before, reconsider how and why they have priced their services as they have, and develop strategies for changing or reinforcing how clients perceive their value. One belief drives the keynote: you should be unapologetic about your price if you are fundamentally convinced of your value.


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