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Dr. Marius Oosthuizen | #1 Economic Futurist

  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Fees: 5,000 - 10,000
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Dr. Marius Oosthuizen has an unusually broad field of expertise as a futurist, academic, consultant and facilitator. Having travelled to over 40 countries worldwide and with dual masters degrees in strategic foresight and social and political ethics, as well as a PhD in leadership, Dr. Marius Oosthuizen is uniquely placed to address executives in government, business and civil society. 

He holds the position of director, scenarios at the World Energy Council (WEC) and director for learning at the School of International Futures (SOIF), both in London. As an adjunct faculty member of the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) he teaches the annual Mastering Strategic Foresight elective on the executive MBA.

His role with the WEC has taken him to the Middle East and Europe to facilitate high-level energy transition policy dialogues, while his role with SOIF has taken him to the Americas and Asia to facilitate conferences on the future of governance and global political economy, as well as to train over 30 UN country offices in the use of foresight and scenario planning. 

Dr. Marius Oosthuizen has deep expertise in long-term trends, threats and opportunities facing South Africa and the African context, and has collaborated with the Institute for Security Studies (ISS) to develop scenarios on the future of the continent.

Dr. Marius Oosthuizen | Economic Futurist

His consulting, speaking and facilitation work has included executive sessions with leading banks and insurers, agricultural sector leaders, manufacturers, city-, provincial and national governments, state-owned enterprises as well as activist and NGO networks. 

As a speaker Dr. Marius Oosthuizen has the unique ability to blend political and economic analysis, with social and cultural nuances at both local and international level. He is often invited to help leaders break out of old paradigms and strategies to develop new and game changing perspectives for the future of their organisation or network.

In 2022 he addressed audiences in Santa Fe, USA, Tangiers, Morocco, Sharm El Shaikh, Egypt during COP27 and Incheon, South Korea, as well as various African cities. 

Topics which Dr. Oosthuizen readily addresses: 

1. Future Scenarios for South Africa, Africa and the world 

2. Technology disruption and digital transformation

3. Global geopolitics and the future of Asia in the global economy

4. Changing global security trends and the future of multilateralism

5. Clean and just energy transition

6. Cross-sectoral collaboration for system transformation at local, industry and national level. 

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