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Alan Parisse | Client Relationship #1 Expert

  • Denver, Colorado, United States
  • Fees: 10,000 - 20,000
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Alan Parisse made his first million in his early twenties. By his late twenties, he lost it.

To rebuild his bank account and career, Alan helped Cigna, NY Life and other companies bring non-traditional products to market. He was instrumental in the creation, marketing and sales of investments that in today’s dollars would be valued in the billions.

Alan’s real-world experience leveraging client relationships to prosper and lead through cycles of change in competitive environments is what sets him apart from the field. It’s this boots in the trenches experience that is at the core of every presentation Alan delivers.

#1 Client Relationships: Helping financial services professionals attain success by growing revenue through client relationships.

Alan’s audiences gain new ideas and practical tools to achieve a competitive advantage by advancing and monetizing their existing client relationships and creating new ones.

#2: Leading through Change: Helping leaders to lead through challenge, change and adversity.

Alan’s audiences gain an understanding of the new sources of leadership – the game changes that impact influence. His unique insights and ideas are immediately actionable by audiences.

Alan Parisse | Client Relationship Expert

Alan Parisse is the only person on the planet from financial services to be inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame and be named One of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century.

Alan’s ideas have been quoted in numerous business publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and Barron’s.

Presenting information and ideas in ways that create action is the fuel that accelerates careers and enhances revenue.

Those who can engage, inspire and energize audiences are seen as credible, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Yet a speech gone wrong can destroy your image and credibility. It can easily cause you to lose business and be a barrier to advancement.

Influential leaders, financial wholesalers and advisors who are compelling speakers communicate confidence, trust and authenticity. The ability to express ideas effectively goes a long way toward establishing oneself as believable and impactful.

For over two decades, Alan Parisse has helped his clients reach their goals by teaching them how to move audiences into action.

Alan has written and co-authored numerous books and training programs including Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask, This Is Your Time, Taking Change: Lessons in Leadership, The Great Salesperson and Power Marketing.

Alan’s articles have appeared in numerous publications including Executive Excellence, Federal Home Loan Bank Correspondent, Taxes – The Tax Magazine, Advisor Today, Medical Product Sales, Life Insurance Selling, Financial Planning Magazine, Pharmaceutical Representative, The Investment Advisor, The Real Estate Review and The Bank Investment Representative.

Alan Parisse’s real-world business-based expertise centered around developing profitable client relationships and leading through change makes his keynotes informative and inspiring. He engages audiences through the power of real-life stories and his ability to use humor to underscore points.

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Keynote Topics

Advice is dead. You can get all the advice you need on the internet. You don’t need a financial advisor.


Anyone with a smart phone has virtually all of the fundamental information needed to manage their investment portfolios online. Technology has broken the levees and unleashed a torrential flood of data and conflicting expert opinions that few can process.


That’s why more than ever in history, investors need personal, face to face advice from advisors and advisory teams who:

1. Have mastered investing and insurance.

2. Understand investment psychology.

3. Know how to hold a purposeful conversation.

No one knows for certain how to lead anymore. Fast history and unrestrained on-demand communications have sapped the traditional sources of leadership authority. Today’s leaders must let go of the past, re-evaluate their style, and master next generation sources of influence at an unprecedented pace.


It’s about developing the new face of a leader: one who leads through change, challenge and adversity. In Leadership Game-Changers, Alan arms leaders with the understanding needed to set a fresh and fulfilling path to the changing future.

Questions are the secret sauce of great advisors. Great Advisors ask the right questions, listen to the answers and use their clients’ success as their measure of achievement.


Based on the book named One of the 10 Must-Read Books for Advisors and Top 10 Read on Amazon*, this presentation dives into the questions great financial advisors ask to boost money under management, increase average account size and create clients for life.

Building Profitable Client Relationships


Why do client relationships matter so much? In our current business landscape the relationship between your clients and you is the key differentiator between lost revenue and accelerating growth.


In Building Profitable Client Relationships, Alan reveals the essential building blocks of profitable client relationships that endure. Audiences come out of this keynote with ideas and tools that can immediately be put into action.


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