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Robert J. Rebhan | Financial Crimes Expert

  • Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Fees: 10,000 - 20,000
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Robert J. Rebhan is a nationally renowned expert and speaker on identity theft and financial crimes, and a former Detective Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department. During his exciting career with the LAPD, he served in many high profile assignments including the SWAT Team, Hollywood’s Narcotics, Robbery, Homicide, and Vice Squads.

As a detective, Robert J. Rebhan was a master of disguise and during his 22 years of service he was personally involved in the arrest of thousands of criminals.

Robert J. Rebhan | Financial Crimes Expert

Before leaving the department, Mr. Rebhan was selected by the Credit Card Industry to help develop and direct a fraud prevention program. He has traveled to Europe and Latin America on behalf of the industry, and for the last 20 years has personally done over 2000 presentations on the subject of financial crimes.

As the Director of The American Express Company’s Fraud Prevention Program, Western Region, he managed a team of twelve consultants, personally orchestrating over 150,000 business and consumer presentations.

Robert J. Rebhan brings a unique perspective to an audience, because he understands the vulnerabilities and responsibilities of consumers, the financial community, and law enforcement. And of course, he has great insight into the criminal mind.

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Keynote Topics

Who Commits Fraud & How They Get The Info


Rebhan uses his knowledge of fraud to explain to audiences who commits fraud and how identity theft can happen to you. His focus is on letting audiences know that those who commit fraud are often the people we least expect.


In this lecture, Robert J. Rebhan utilizes his experience with banking and credit card associations, hospitality and retail associations

In this lecture, Rebhan discusses how fraud and security theft had changed over the years, and how to trace the warning signs that it is happening to your business.


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