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Craig Wing | #1 Futurist Speaker

  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Fees: 10,000 - 20,000
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Craig Wing is inspiring companies to “future proof” themselves by “imagineering” their future strategy and complementary culture to survive the emergent world of technology, changing customers and the “New World or Work.”

Craig Wing is a frequent keynote speaker including having opened the SA Innovation Awards, the Finance Indaba, the Mauritius Innovation Summit and the ITWeb Digital Economy.

His clients include some of South Africa’s most innovative companies: Discovery, Barclay’s, Standard Bank, BMW, Old Mutual & Huawei. His first book ‘Expert Mavericks’ rocketed to the number one top seller on Amazon in its first week.

Craig Wing second book is currently in the making.

  • 2 Masters degrees: Engineering (MSc) and Business (MBA)
  • 2 Provisional patents in vision systems and computer components 
  • 4 Companies started, including a non profit in Silicon Valley
  • 1,000 entrepreneurs advised/mentored 
  • 50,000 Websites created in One year, one every ten minutes 
  • First book rated #1 on Amazon in three categories 
  • Advised Google X, Alphabet’s “Innovation Lab” 

Craig Wing | Futurist Speaker

He speaks about Bitcoin, AI, Robotics, Genetics, Millennials, CRISPr, Autonomous cars, Customer experience, Innovation and Lean startup.

Countries he has spoken in include: USA, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, India, Botswana and UAE. He has converted his own car into an electric vehicle – proving he believes what he speaks in creating the future!

Craig Wing is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences including the SA Innovation Awards, Finance Indaba, Manufacturing Indaba, Pioneer Nation, Africa Agri conference & ITWeb Digital Economy and facilitated panels at the African Innovation Symposium with the United Nations.

He is an adjunct professor at the Indian School of Business (ISB) and adjunct faculty for Duke Corporate Education. Clients include Investec, Discovery, Barclays, Standard Bank, BMW, Huawei and the Indian ministry of communication.

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Keynote Topics

What is a Flash Forward and how do you create it? Perhaps the most popular example Charles Dickens’, a Christmas Carol where Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come and shows Scrooge the inevitable path his future will be unless he changes. Scrooge learns to change his ways to alter the trajectory of his present.


 These Flash Forward event can be created by understanding how the future may look and then adjusting our business strategy and process to be successful in this future. Leaders need to understand the fundamental forces shaping their trajectory to correct by “backcasting” (my PhD research area) back to today and create Flash Forward Insights.


What would you have done with your business if 10 years ago you were able to see the oncoming game changes like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain or, even just, digitization? How would you have orientated your business to with insights from Flash Forward Insights?  What would your business model be if could have anticipated (and acted upon) the decentralized economy, exponential business? The advantage to capitalize on those moments in time may have passed, but how will you capitalize on Flash Forward Insights from the next 10 years?


Some themes we explore include:The technology at your Fingertips: What is coming that will disrupt and set you up for failure or success?

What are the Business Models to scale: How has digitization made speed and experience the expectation, not the premium and how do you create from the customer perspective

Your customer of the future: What will your customer of tomorrow demand? What technology do you need to invest in today, to prepare for the next-generation marketplace?

Emerging workforce of the future: How do you toggle to a quazi-work from home business? What are the values driving this shift?
Human in the Machine: What does it mean to be “human” as we rely more on technology? Will it replace us wholesale, or can we reframe by analyzing tasks to focus on what makes human?


​Inherent in the above is how will you, as a leader, traverse the current future by being nimble, responsive and learn from Flash Forward Insights?

In a world that is moving quicker and quicker, the key dependency for success is your ability to lead. How do you navigate the exponential changes isn’t just a matter of your intellect, abilities or leadership but often how others view you and your ability to at in times of crises. In Alice in Wonderland, she enters the mirror to see how others view her and through her journey emerges more informed about the world around her.


In Through the Looking Glass, we examine three key ways to understand how your team (and yourself) believe you lead:

Imagine how your team views you

Imagine how others judge your motives, performance, and values

Imagine how they view you based off your past decisions.


To examine parallels between your leadership we will examine such leaders as Steve Jobs, Jacinda Ardern, Donald Trump and Elon Musk: How are they perceived by their people, what do they stand for and, most importantly, why being vulnerable is the new success metric for leadership success.


We will examine your potential blindspots, biases and how living to the expectations of others and your own past will lead you down a path of failure. 


This keynote is especially important with a changing workforce (Millennials, Gen Z and different cultures, diversity and life lenses) with different value sets, priorities and levers. As we move into a more distributed, decentralized workforce your ability to be challenged, naked and vulnerable will determine if you are successful. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)… the next big thing right? There is so much discussion on what it is and how it will be the next driver for business, society and government. How if you’re a “developing” country you can capitalise on this to “leapfrog” and if you’re a “developed” country you need to carry on lest you be left behind in the global race of dominance.


It’s become an over used term, describing anything about technology (the what) – but it’s much more. There are the business models (the how) that use these technologies like platform economics and the experience economy.


 Why is this happening now?

Could it me be a move to a world beyond capitalism, one that loves more and is more human?


In Africa and other developing countries, is this even a reality where two of the key technology dependencies: electricity and connectivity are neither widespread or affordable?


Where the majority are still doing agriculture by hand (2nd industrial age) and even more advanced economies only now adopting digitisation- that means you haven’t even transitioned into the 3rd Industrial age!


What is 4IR really about? How can you think beyond these paradigms to consider what comes after the 4IR – an Age of Humanness. This keynote explores these very important ideas and will explain much of the new operating system in business and society today.


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